Our Cemetery

Our cemetery is divided into Blocks, Lots and Graves.  The map identifies the Blocks
Each Block is divided as below.

Our Occupants

A list of cemetery occupants can be found here.  Occupants

A list of our veterans may be found here..  Veterans

The Lots

Easements are available for persons wishing to purchase lots in St John's Cemetery.  You may contact the office at 320-693-9496  or the Sexton, Leon Schumacher at (320) 693-9169

They will explain the costs of the lots, the easement, and obtain the necessary information to create a Cemetery Easement and provide the information for our cemetery data base.

There are two worksheets which we use:

These are printable worksheets for your use.


Funeral arrangements can be made by calling the office 320-693-9496 or one of our priests.

Arrangements for burial may be made by calling the Sexton, Leon Schumacher at (320) 693-9169.

Additional information will be requested at the time of burial

St John's Catholic Church
106 North 4th Street,

Darwin, MN 55324