Liturgy Committee


THE CONSTITUTION ON THE SACRED LITURGY states; "... it is the liturgy through which, especially in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, "the work of our redemption is accomplished," and it is through the liturgy, especially, that the faithful are enabled to express in their lives and manifest to others the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church." (para. 2)

The Catholic Encyclopedia offers additional insight into the Sacred Liturgy.  You can read about it here:

The Guidelines of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, "Built of Living Stones:
Art, Architecture, and Worship",
is presented to assist the faithful involved in the building or renovation of churches, chapels, and oratories of the Latin Church in the United States. In addition, the document is intended for use by architects, liturgical consultants and artists, contractors, and other professionals engaged in the design and/or construction of these places of worship. The text also may be helpful to those who wish to understand the Catholic Church's tradition regarding church buildings, the arts, and architecture. (Preface, para. 3)