Web Updates


Web Updates  



2/8/2015Added 2015 Lenten Newsletter
11/1/2013Added Portal Page
11/1/2013Updated St Gertrude's web site address
10/25/2013Added 2012/2013 Annual Report to the Parish
9/25/2013Added Brief Catechism for Adults and link to Our Lady of the Rosary Library
6/17/2013Added Fortnight 4 Freedom on home page
4/13/2013New Catechism Class is starting April 16 at 8:30 AM
2/21/2012Added link to Lenten Newsletter on home page
2/12/2013Added Lenten Newsletter
01/16/2013Added Parish Events
01/10/2013Added Catholics Come Home
12/28/2012Added new page with links Canon Law Made Easy
12/28/2012Added new links on Current Bulletin page
10/6/2012Added new parish instructions for lectors and eucharistic ministers
10/6/2012Added NCCW Mission Statement
10/6/2012Added CCW Committees
9/19/2012Added CCW minutes for Sep 2012
9/19/2012New information on 40 Days for Life 2012
9/19/2012Removed CCW Calendar
9/19/2012Changed contacts on home page
8/25/2012Added new AFC Google Calendars to our website
5/28/2012Added Family Resources page
5/17/2012Added upcoming events for youth.
2/30/2012Added link to Crisis Magazine
2/30/2012Added NCCW Special Appeal
2/22/2012Added Search function on the home page
2/22/2012Added map of new Area Faith Community
2/22/2012Added new Pro-Life Page
2/22/2012Added new Area Faith Community Page
2/22/2012Added AFC Lenten News Letter
2/22/2012Updated Mass schedule for the Area Faith Community
2/22/2012Added information on 40 days for life and ROSARY ACROSS AMERICA
2/20/2012Added additional resources for spiritual enrichment
02/17/2012Added Call to Action page with link on Home Page
02/12/2012Updated information on bible study courses being offered.
02/12/2012Added New Evangelization
12/13/2011Added link to Marriage is Unique
12/12/2011Added link to the Bishop's Advent Radio Messages
10/6/2011Added Capital Campaign Page
9/6/2011Added CCW Friendship Tea and Luncheon
9/6/2011Added Healing Mass

Added "A Biblical Walk Through the Mass."

8/28/2011Added World Youth Day Video on Young Adults Page Fr. Barron
8/20/2011Added World Youth Day Video on Young Adults Page Michael Vorhees
8/20/2011Added link for 40 Days for Life Campaign
6/23/2011New Ulm Charismatic Renewal Newsletter now online
6/23/2011Added Facebook link to Youth Education web page.
5/19/2011Added legislative links on CCW legislative commission page.
5/15/2011Linked to pictures of Bishop Levoir blessing the new tabernacle.
2/6/2011Catholic Resources links added February 6, 2011