Marriage Ceremony Financial Suggestions


St. Johnís Parish Wedding Preparation

Congratulations on your decision to celebrate your commitment to one another through the sacrament of Holy Matrimony. We hope this planning sheet helps you as you make the financial decisions regarding your ceremony.

*Thanksgiving offering to the parish for wedding-related services such as the use of the church, organ, lights, heat, extra cleaning, etc.

Suggested monetary gift: 5% of the cost of your wedding payable to St. John's Parish 

*Parish organist

Suggested monetary gift: $50.00

Organist (out of parish)

Negotiate with person hired


Suggested monetary gift: $50.00


Suggested monetary gift: $10.00

Altar Server

Suggested monetary gift: $5.00 each

*Presider (Priest, Deacon, Clergy Person)

A gift over & above the thanksgiving offering to the parish. $50.00-$75.00 is customary.

*Denotes fees to be paid by the rehearsal time. These may be given to the pastor at the rehearsal or mailed to the parish house prior to the rehearsal date.
  • Center aisle length: About 50 feet long & 4 feet wide.
  • Number of pews (seating approximately 220): 18 pews
  • Unity candle holder available.

The parish priest must approve any special requests. 

Please provide the parish secretary your new married name & address as soon as it becomes available, even prior to your wedding.

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