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The Diocese of New Ulm has partnered with the University of Dayton to provide internet based virtual learning for adult faith and catechist formation.  Click HERE for more information

Brief Catechism for Adults: Click for details


Ignorance of Scripture is NOT Catholic

Both Scripture and Sacraments are precious gifts from the Lord, gifts we desperately need and are bound to use.

“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ!” insisted St. Jerome, an Early Church Father and Doctor of the Catholic Church from the 5th century AD. Because of this, every liturgical service of the Catholic Church is full of Scripture.

Is hearing Scripture on Sunday enough? Not by a long shot. Scripture, says the Second Vatican Council is “food for the soul.” Who eats just once a week? To survive and thrive, you need daily nourishment. You can have a steady diet of Scripture by attending Mass daily, participating in the liturgy of the hours with its daily readings and psalms, or reading Scripture in daily personal prayer Actually, all three make an unbeatable combination.

Many of us spend 16 or more years of our life preparing for our secular career, then take continuing ed courses on nights and weekends. In contrast, how much have we invested in our education in the Word of God, essential for our heavenly career?

The study of the Bible, is for one purpose, however. So that, praying with Scripture, we may be better able to hear what God is saying to us here and now. The writers of Sacred Scripture were inspired by the Holy Spirit. But it is equally true that the Scriptures themselves are inspired. The Holy Spirit has been “breathed into them” and resides within their words as in a temple. When we approach the Scriptures prayerfully, aided by the same Spirit who dwells in them, reading Scripture becomes an experience of being filled and empowered by God’s Spirit, and we are changed.

Frequently, though, when Catholics start reading the bible, they quickly run into trouble—usually in the first chapters of Leviticus! Yes, sometimes it is hard to know where to begin, to fit it all together, and to interpret correctly some rather obscure passages, words, and names. There are great Catholic bible studies on books, tapes, or DVD. Most are conveniently designed so that busy people with no background in the Bible can learn a lot without a huge time commitment. What we, Adult Ed, hope to offer you. See the reverse side for Bible Studies offered this fall. Join us in spreading the word to family and friends.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your faith journey. Just jump in where you’re at. Want to know more, contact anyone on the Adult Ed. Committee or come to any of the first sessions .To register, fill out the registration, return to the collection basket or parish office.

God Bless you!