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Policy And Fees

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St. John's Catholic Education Center
The ed center is located 2 miles west of Cokato.  Click on the sign to get directions to the center.  EdCenterSign2.JPG (30733 bytes)
The multi purpose Education Center: In addition to parish actives, the center is available to other groups needing a facility for gatherings.  A kitchen is available along with several small breakout rooms and a large gathering room.  A modern sound system has recently been installed.  Contact ---- to make arrangements for use of the facility.EdCenterOutside.JPG (28855 bytes)
A building use policy has been established.  Click here for the policy and fees.
Worship facilities: A small chapel is available for small group worship purposes.Chapel2.JPG (19487 bytes)
Kitchen: A modern kitchen facility is available for meal preparation and food service. 
Class rooms:  Several classrooms are available to use as breakout rooms or private areas. 
The gathering area: The gathering area can accommodate up to  ----  persons.  Seating can be arranged as necessary for the audience.GatheringArea1.JPG (31243 bytes)