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Saturday Evening Masses

Sunday Morning Masses:

Saturday Evening Masses

4:00pm Mass at Church of Our Lady

5:00pm Mass at Church of St. John

8:00am Mass at Church of St. Philip

8:30am Mass at Church of Our Lady

10:00am Mass at Church of St. John

10:30am Mass at Church of St. Philip

12:00pm Spanish Mass at Church of St. Philip

Please note that this is a typical daily mass schedule subject to change.

Daily Mass Schedule


7:30am - Manannah

Word & Communion


8:00am - Darwin

Word & Communion


8:00am - Darwin


9:00am - Litchfield



8:00am - Forest City


7:55pm - Manannah



8:00am - Darwin


9:00am - Litchfield (Bethany)



7:30am - Manannah


Except First Friday

8:30 am - Litchfield


First Friday Only

9:15 am  - Darwin


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 Corporal Works of Mercy

To feed the hungry

To give drink to the thirsty

To clothe the naked

To shelter the homeless

To visit the sick

To ransom the captive

To bury the dead

Spiritual Works Of Mercy

To instruct the ignorant

To counsel the doubtful

To admonish sinners

To bear wrongs patiently

To forgive offences willingly

To comfort the afflicted

To pray for the living and the dead


Additional Resources: Catholic Information Services, Headline Bistro

Please pray for the sick of our parish

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